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InlandNet 02/16/2011 - Persuasion in a job interview
UCSD PMP 02/08/2011
PMI Dinner 01/26/2011
INCOSE Dinner 01/24/2011
Persuasion - Leading Without Authority
The SCORE - Inland Net 09/01/2010
The SCORE - TechAmerica 8/11/2010
The Score - UCSD 08/10/2010
Great Minds
Tips for Giving Feedback to the Boss
PMI Conf 5/14/2010
Joe Dramissi PMI Class 04/27/2010/
USD IE Class 10/30/2009
USD IE Class 10/30/2009
UCSD PM Class 10/27/2009
UCSD PM Class 10/27/2009
UCSD PM Class 08/11/2009
The Circle
UCSD PM Class 02/24/2009
INCOSE - 1hr Overview
Working with Difficult People
High Performance Communication Overview (1hr)
High Performance Communication Overview (90 min)
Influence Overview
Business Relationships Overview
Anxiety in the Workplace

All of us are smarter than any one of us - Japanese proverb

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