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Students consistently rank the Material, Instructor, and Overall Value of the course "4.5 out of 5 stars"!

The nature of this training allows students to deal with sensitive issues in their workplaces. Out of respect for their identity, and with recognition that it is critical that they feel safe to continue this effort, they are quoted here with permission but not identified by name. The purpose is to share their enthusiasm for what they can now accomplish.

The following are comments gathered from San Diego area professionals after the workshop is conducted for events held in 2007 and 2008.

"I think it was some of the best education I have had, and has helped immensely at work…"

"…what they should have taught us starting in grade school"

"I would recommend this course to my family"

"The other day I was able to see 'the bathtub scenario' {a scenario described in class} clearly in a situation at work, and by sharing it, hopefully helped saved a badly-trained, good person's job"

"My favorite part of the course was the interaction and story-telling"

"…a valuable take-away is to remember to ask your simple "What makes you say that?" question. If I can remember that in the heat of emotion, it will help a lot."

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"Don't change a thing in this course - do just what you are doing"

"The diagramming of the arguments was interesting"

"The techniques learned at your class have definitely helped get people talking instead of pointing fingers"

"I would recommend this course to everyone at my work"

"Loved the teacher's sense of humor"

"This is the BEST course for anyone that is interested in improving their communication skills"

"{The way the class was conducted}…indicates that you have a real love for this material"

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"The real-life examples added tremendous credibility to material"

"I got a lot of learning about Critical Thinking and fallacies….I think my work conversations will be more productive."

"The relationship management part of the course was important in helping me realize that I have to understand myself better before I can be effective in influencing other people"

" Other seminars have showed me WHAT to do, but yours showed me HOW to do it… the 4 hour Practical course {the Mastery workshop} was AWESOME - I really learned a lot"

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All of us are smarter than any one of us - Japanese proverb

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